Uk Online Slots Guide

Slots are often an instant attraction, players tend to find an online casino that they like and dive right into the online slots section. What isn’t always available on the surface is whether or not the casino is a brand that the players can trust. Having access to several different directories of online casinos, our goal is to assist players with finding an online casino that they can commit, that is both well known and respected within the online gaming community. Our slots guide will players navigate past the not so friendly casinos, and help you chose one that is perfect for you. Players will want to pay close attention to the reviews as they will offer players valuable inside information on each online casino before even signing up for an account. On this site we only recommend the best of the best, which casino a player chooses from our site usually comes down to software, current bonuses offered and personal preference.

Slot Bonuses
Often times we think “free cash? Sign me up!” Some casino bonuses are set up to allow you to ‘try before you buy’ essentially allowing you to test out the casino software and a few games before depositing your own money. More common is the deposit match bonus, this is where the casino will match your deposit with a percentage of their own. This allows for more playing time, on a smaller budget. It is very common for an online casino to match 100%+ of the players initial deposit. Keep in mind that there are play through requirements that need to be met in order to process a cash out. Some of the requirements can be nearly impossible to get through, while others are very reasonable and can often be used to the players advantage. This is why its so important to read the terms of each bonus before accepting.

New UK Licensing Law
As of November 2014 all UK online casinos should be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission if they wish to market their services to players within the United Kingdom. The passage of this new law will ensure that the casinos available to UK players are both reputable and fair. Within this newly regulated market, we are proud to say that every casino found on this site has been licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and is ready to accept UK online casino players.

Though a casino may be licensed, it is still very important that players review the terms and conditions of each casino bonus before accepting. As the cash-out requirements on each particular bonus can vary greatly from casino to casino, as can the bonuses themselves. Here at UK Slots Guide we have been reviewing online casinos since 2009 and take casino reviews very seriously. As with anything online you should do your homework before buying, and depositing into an online casino is no different. As your UK Online Slots Guide, we review the following areas of each online casino, so that you as a player can feel confident in the casino you chose;

Deposits / Withdrawals
You want to be sure that there are no additional steps to making a deposit as most of the casinos available today welcome players to use their credit cards to make a deposit. If not a credit card, there are several popular eWallet or bank transfer options available to streamline a player’s flow to signing up, making a deposit and playing.

Software Platforms
There are three major software providers available to UK online casino players; Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech. Microgaming is known for being the best of the best, with over 800+ games and blockbuster gaming titles, a strong mobile platform and amazing graphics. Next is NetEnt and quickly catching up in terms of quality of slots. NetEnt has won several awards over the past few years and is quickly making a name of themselves in the regulated gaming markets. Third would be Playtech, and not because of lack of games of quality. Playtech offers some amazing software and a very nice collection of slots as well. The reason Playtech is last on our list of big named providers is due to the fact that many Playtech casinos are known for being less then reputable. While there are a handful of good Playtech casinos out there, there are just as many casinos that have been placed on rouge lists. Players should be extra careful when selecting a Playtech casino, being sure to read several reviews before making a deposit.

It may also be important to note that while those are the most popular software providers, there are several other smaller companies that design high quality slots as well. Many of the larger casino operators offer players access to games made by multiple providers, giving players access to the best selection of games..