UK Slots

Online slots are colourful, they’re intriguing and they’re filled with anticipation. Slots make up the largest portion of the world’s gaming gallery, players most likely flock to these games due to the odds of big payouts, low initial bets and the familiar nature of some of the different themes that are out there. Many times, players will visit the slots side of the casino before they visit any of the other games, and stay there. With so many different varieties available, players will have a great time finding the online casino choice that suits their playing style the best. Our main goal is to provide players with tools and information to figure out how to spot a great casino from a good casino. Our reviews are written by players that have been a part of the online casino industry for nearly 10 years.

Playing online slots at a UK online casino comes with a big advantage. Recently, laws were passed which require casino brands to be licensed in order to advertise their online casino to the public. This means that most likely, the brand you’ve set your sights on will already be licensed and following the regulations put out by the UK Gambling Commission. When it comes to playing UK online slots, players will find that there may be more options than they had originally anticipated, this is due to the fact that some casinos have more than 500 different games to choose from with over 75% of them being slots games alone. Slots make up a big portion of the world’s gaming libraries for several different reasons, most often players are drawn in either by the low initial investment or the theme of the game that is in mind.

Players within the United Kingdom will have many advantages, one of them being the software companies that choose to work with casinos that primarily cater to the players of this country. Since there aren’t too many software brands that are available, players will start to see the same games at each casino, but this is a minor detail when it comes to choosing the right casino for the individual. Each online casino is created differently with a wide variety of promotions that won’t be found at other online casinos. When picking a casino by the software brand, it’s important to look into the particular software brand thoroughly, comparing it to other similar brands. Here are some of the top online casino brands with great slots games.

Playtech software is also a top notch software provider that has been in not only the online gaming industry but the brand has also created software for hand held games that are on the market today. Playtech’s software typically consists of slots but sprinkled into the mix you will find table games and card games too. Playtech has really great games, but have been known to offer their services to casinos that can be considered rogue.

A heavy hitter in the UK online slots industry is Microgaming. A brand that boasts the largest gaming library known to well, anyone. The brand is 70% slots games with many different variations of reels from 3 to 5 with pay-lines as low as 5 to 100. The games aren’t your run of the mill slots, you have many different themes to choose from with different minimum bet amounts. Microgaming is home to games that even cater to fans of holidays such as Christmas!

Some know this brand as a newcomer in the online gaming industry, contrary to that thought, the brand has been in operations with online casinos since 2000. With each new game, the brand has perfected their skills in creating games that are exciting yet have a sense of familiarity. The games are not only easy to play but most of them offer 3D graphics and fun themes that include bonus features and styles that come at only a moment’s notice to surprise players, leaving them wanting to come back for more.

Our website is designed to help players find a brand that caters to their needs that is trustworthy and reputable. Our level of expertise helps players to begin their search with brands that can be held accountable on all levels.