The gambling industry is growing by leaps and bounds in the United Kingdom, most specifically, online gambling. Since this type of entertainment is now attracting more users than ever, the UK government is taking an approach much differently than other countries as far as regulating the gaming. This sensible approach has everyone talking as it seems to be a very good solution to making things simple and fair. The UK Gambling Commission is now on board with the plan, overseeing the licensing and regulation of any casino that is based within the UK and any other websites that aren’t based in the UK but offer their services to players there. In order to be recognized as a reputable company, casinos are asked to obtain a gambling license, which will allow them to advertise their offerings to customers. Any type of casino whether it’s mobile, land based or online will need to have a license in order to operate in the UK.

Players who are new to online casinos might have some questions before trying out a new casino, here is a list of things that many players might want to know before they join in on this form of entertainment.

What are Session Limits -Why are they important?
In order to gain a license, casinos must have a session limit system put into place where players will set their own limits as far as how much they want to spend at a casino. These limits will require players to stay within a comfortable range as far as spending money at a casino. This helps players maintain control of their gaming, keeping it fun and solely for entertainment purposes.

Auto-play guidelines – Why they are required
The auto-play feature on games allows players to set their limits and let the gaming roll on it’s own. While this seems harmless, the feature can push a player to run through their session limits quicker than if they were manually placing bets. Another reason surrounding the auto-play guidelines is that players can become addicted to the fast play option which is integrated into the auto play feature at most casinos. The auto-play feature at licensed casinos will allow players to only set limits up to 25 with the auto play.

Ukash and why do I hear so much about it?
Ukash is a way for players to make payments into their online casino account without submitting their own personal bank account information. Players will purchase within Pay Zone and Pay Point shops, a prepaid voucher which will be deposited into their gambling account. These vouchers do have an age verification procedure to also combat under-age gambling. This method of making deposits is praised for that specific reason.

Promotions – How are they maintained to be fair?
The websites that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission will need to have fair bonuses and promotions. If you feel that you have come across a website that does not allow for players to have access to fair bonuses, you can report the company to the UK Gambling Commission. Also, the websites must have easy to understand rules and terms and conditions. The terms will need to be written at a comprehensible level to players of all different skill levels.

Advertisements – Who can advertise gambling in the UK?
Only the sites that are licensed will be able to put out advertisements to attract players to their casino. The reasoning behind this is so that players don’t fall into any kind of a trap to where they were enticed by an online casino company that is not reputable or reliable. It is now considered an illegal action if a company puts out advertisements or promotions a brand that is not licensed.