With more than 15 years of experience in the online gaming world, Playtech is a brand that has built up a solid reputation. Players tip their hats to the quality and unique features of the gaming found at online casinos that feature the Playtech software. Catering to the UK, Spanish and Italian markets, this brand has a wide range of different kinds of players which means their 500 games will need to speak to all different walks of life. Though 500 may seem like a lot, the brand strives to keep moving forward, releasing 50 new games each year to keep their players coming back for more.

In casinos powered by Playtech, there are many different gaming categories which each hold several different titles. Players will have bingo, casino games, poker, sports betting, social gaming and live gaming as well to name a few of the different styles. One of the more unique features is the social gaming side of things. This gaming style brings players together and is mostly marketed on facebook and other social media networks. The marketing helps to attract the perfect players, those who like to be social tend to incorporate chatting into everything that they do, so playing fun casino games while talking to friends is right up their alley.

Gaming is consistent from the graphics to the realistic sounds. Players will have the same great features no matter which platform they choose to play on. The different choices for how to play include a downloadable casino, an instant play casino and a mobile platform. Each of the options are optimized for use with different devices but may not be available at all casinos. For those running faster PC’s, the downloadable casino is more than likely the best option. Those who are using the instant play option will simply use the casino right through their browser which doesn’t leave any room for a download. Players who are using a computer with limited space will love that option. Finally, those who use their smart phone or tablet for everything will have a mobile version of the games, which doesn’t offer quite all of the games but it does have a good amount of them, with new releases rolling out steadily. Being the forward thinking brand that Playtech is, the brand opened their mobile casino in 2012 which was far ahead of any other brand’s mobile launch.

Since there are different ways to play at any Playtech casino, the brand has made it seamless and easy for players to utilize several different platforms but with the same log in credentials. This makes it so that a player’s balance will carry over no matter which platform they use to access the gaming styles from. The slots variations that are available with Playtech include some familiar titles as the company has partnered up with some of the most exciting movie companies to bring together movies and online gaming. Like with some of the other things this brand has done, they were the first to integrate things outside of the internet with gaming. Having movies incorporated with slots games gives the players something to look for. As we walk through land based casinos, we often are looking for the one game that jumps out at us, that’s our lucky machine, so this is where we can really compare online casinos and land based casinos.

Part of the slots gaming experience and a highly sought after feature are the progressive games that come along with your traditional games. The Win a Jackpot feature at Playtech casinos will allow players to utilize gaming as they normally would, from there they will have the ability to win a random sum of money that is incurred by the network of slot games that are all linked together. These games for the most part do not require any additional steps or attention, just simply play the game as you normally would and wait to see if you’re the big winner!