Microgaming is the brand with more than 800 different games, yes that’s them. In total, the company offers their gaming library to more than 400 different online casinos which in return comes great customer feedback. Microgaming is home to slots, table games, card games and a whole lot more. The majority of their library does consist of slots which range from the classic 3 reels to the modern 5 reel slots types. Players of these brands not only have variety of classic games, but there are also variations of those games which have fun and exciting twists.

Microgaming is a well known brand that typically works with online casinos that are reputable. Finding an online casino that works for your needs all the way around can be a tricky one, players will want to research the casino that they have in mind before investing into making deposits or even signing up for a membership as not all online casinos are created equally. Microgaming is home to both a downloadable casino platform as well as an instant play platform, which the casinos choose is completely up to each individual brand. Some casinos will even offer the mobile gaming style put out by Microgaming which allows players the flexibility and freedom to take the gaming with them, on the go via their smart phone or tablet.

Since opening in 1994, Microgaming has steadily released games in both online casinos and land based casinos. So, if you like what you see online, you can keep the flow going with more than 150 land based games found at various casinos around the world. Microgaming has several reasons to brag but one of the more unknown facts is that the brand was a part of the opening of the very first online casino in 1994. Among the more than 800 games, players will have more than 1200 different variants of those games. To make the gaming more realistic, there are more than 30 different multi-player games which players can use and play with others.

In terms of the slot games specifically, there are more than 40 different progressive games to play with which means that player can potentially land themselves a huge jackpot of cash at any given moment just by playing their favourite slot games. Sometimes, players will have their sights set on existing games such as Mega Moolah, there are many different reasons a player could peg this as their favourite, but for one player, that game will be their forever favourite times 6.37 million as they won a jackpot of that large sum. Some of the other games that quickly become favourites are; Hellboy, Playboy, Jurassic Park, The Dark Knight Rises, Terminator 2 and Game of Thrones as well.

Microgaming slots are found to be some of the most comparable to land based casinos. With modernized technology, players will have smooth graphics, realistic sounds and a whole lot more to rely on each and every time they visit a Microgaming casino. For the most part, players will love the fact that this brand has some familiar titles like the ones mentioned above, but they also have some out of the box games about farm-life, space and even gardens to please any player that might come across the software.